Thursday, February 5, 2009

I got TAGGED! here are 6 Random things about me! ( I am so not good at this kind of thing!)Thanks Cheri! :)

  1. I hear everything, Jeron calls me eagle ears!  I can be clear upstairs in my room and i will hear all conversations going on down stairs, i can be working in the lab at work and i will hear all conversations going on in the other room, and i am annoying and i will break into a conversation and start asking questions and it drives everyone crazy!
  2. I am obsessed with stars!!! I love patriotic things and any thing with stars flags and the colors red, white, and blue! I think it's because my birthday is so close to the 4th of july. (July 5th wich is 5 months from today :)) I have those big metal stars all over the house and in all colors and sizes, i decorate my Christmas tree in all stars and bells and i even got a tattoo of a star on my foot and that's random for me!
  3. I swallowed a quarter when i was, yep, 13 a little old to be putting change in my mouth! My friend Steph and i were going to a movie and we were at her house up in copperton and i was putting an old school banana clip in my hair so i bit on 3 quarters to hold them between my teeth, as i flipped my head upside down,  2 quarters fell on the floor and the 3rd, well it went to the back of my throat and my first instinct was to swallow, it went down my throat and got stuck at the back of my airway and was not moving, so we had to go to the hospital where my uncle had to do surgery and go in and get it out! He said if it would have tipped just barley it would have closed off my airway i i could have died!  of course it turned into a big joke so when he woke me up after surgery, he said that they got it out ok but, he had to break it up in order to get it out, he then handed me 2 dimes and 1 nickle! 
  4. I have to sleep with a heat pad every night!! I had a big surgery a while back and i had to sleep with one every night on my stomach, well it turned into a habbit, only it slowly moved from my stomach to my feet, and now i can't sleep unless i have one at my feet every night! i have gone through so many of them!
  5. i guess i say the most random things all the time, you can ask Jay and Cheri, they are always laughing at the most random things that i say! ( can you tell i have no idea how to write 6 random things about myself!)
  6. I guess a recent random thing about myself is that i cut my hair OFF! yeah, like 5 inches, its a dramatic A line, i have never been so brave before!    THE END..........I tag..........Alicia, Annie, Brandi, Betsy  and Nikki


Gavin and Alicia said...

You F%#@%..... I hate being tagged. Well since You and Cheri both tagged me maybe I should do it.....Love you

cHeRi" said...

Good job Aubs!! See...theres 6 random things about ya!!! Dude, post a pic of your hair! I wanna see it! I bet its way cute.

Mikesell Family said...

I want to see your hair!!! Post a pic. I have to sleep with my own personal heating blanket...I used to sleep with a heating pad too, I love the heated throw, Costco has them for $29.00 can't beat that!

Corey, Dani & Kaiya said...

my email is add me hoe! =) i was pissed when i couldnt go to your blog anymore

Annie said...

Ok, I think I will have to do this today... I am in a total funk right now. Weird! Thanks for tagging.

Me, Alicia and chloe

Me, Alicia and chloe