Sunday, January 4, 2009

Having fun with cousins

My cousin and i had a girls night out! it was a blast, we went and saw the movie valcurry and then came over to my house and had a sleep over and watched one of my favorite movies,           "The Notebook". And goofed off on my computer in the photo booth, witch is why i posted these goofy pictures! Then we woke up and went down to my friends store, called Christy's corner and both got way cute outfits, it was definaltely a girls night out and it was so much fun! (Jentry, lets do it more often!) love you Jent!


Gavin and Alicia said...

You guys are the biggest dorks!!!! I love you guys though. Those pictures are really cute... I had fun when you guys came into the store, I think it should be a rule that everytime I work you have to come in.....hee hee love you

Korey and Brandi said...

Hey Aubrey this is Brandi(Grundy)VanCott how are you I stumbled onto your blog hope you don't mind! It has been forever hope everything is going good !!!

The Lind's said...

Hey Aubrey! How are you? It's Becca (Lynch) Lind. I found your blog off Betsy's and of course I had to say "HI". You look gorgeous as always! Hope your doing good! Becca

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Me, Alicia and chloe

Me, Alicia and chloe