Sunday, January 25, 2009

Family filled weekend!

This weekend we had a family birthday party for my cute little grandparents at their church, where all the kids got to play basketball, ride their scooters or rip sticks, or anything they wanted without making a huge mess of grandma's house, we had pizza and everyone just played and had root beer floats. it was a lot of fun. That night Jentry came and stayed with me again so i could get her up to her volleyball tournament up town by 8:30 saturday morning, so my aunt and uncle could run conner and parker around to their basketball games, so i got Jentry to volleyball on time and and stayed for a few games then i rode down to orem with her dad to watch parker play basketball, then back up to salt lake to the rest of Jentry's games with her mom, so i was all over the place! Jentry did so good, they beat the 2 best teams in the end, and they were very close intense games, i now don't have a voice from cheering all day, parker played really good also, he made 8 points, he is only in 1st grade and he plays wit 4th graders, so that is pretty good for a little guy! Jentry's games got done around 5:30 and then i ended up back in orem to my aunts house to watch a movie, it was a very long day, by the time i got back home i was so tired! 


Mal and Jadi said...

Hey Aubrey! This is your cousin Malarie. I found your blog through Cheri's. Me and Jadi have a blog too, its You look great and gorgeous as always!!! If you go private Id love to have you add me. My email is

jer said...

Hi aubrey you look as beautiful as always!!! the party was fun. Love mom

Gavin and Alicia said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend!!!! We would love to come watch Jentry play volleyball one time....... & caleb and Chloe would love to play with the boys...... Love you :)

Me, Alicia and chloe

Me, Alicia and chloe